Card Dungeon is a game that takes the strategic depth of the best rogue-likes and throws it in a pot together with the tactile feel of board games and the randomness of your favorite card game and mushes it all together into a easy to play, hard to master, game where death is just the beginning.

Randomly generated levels

Each time you play Card Dungeon completely random levels are generated with new monsters, new treasures and new challenges.

Different character traits

Will influence your play style. Play as a clumsy, but strong character OR a magic based caster OR a sword wielding melee fighter OR a teleporting fire starter OR many other different combinations, often within one playthrough! The game will always feel fresh and new as you discover new combinations of cards, magical items and your character traits.

Equip your character

with loads of armors and weapons that supplement your character traits as well as the cards in your hand.